About Us

CE-HA stone masonry manufactory combines tradition and family passion for discovering the beauty of aged construction materials. We attempt to unveil the charm locked in building materials that have been known and used for ages, such as brick. The brick that we retrieve dates back to 19th Century and was hand-formed and manufactured in family brickyards. Traces of hard work of human hand are still visible in the brick we process today. Out of respect for our ancestors' work we try to retrieve carefully selected bricks from old buildings that are no longer in use. The bricks are then subjected to masonry processing and regain the beauty of times long past. The materials obtained through such processing, due to their originality and unique design, are increasingly in demand in modern architecture. Retrieved building materials have been appreciated for generations in Europe and the US, and in recent years have also become popular in Poland. Our customer's satisfaction is the key challenge for us. Therefore, aside from the basic offer we are also able to carry out individual projects at our customers' demand. Visit our website and take a look at our offer.