About Us

Manufaktura Kamieniarska blends family traditions with the vocation of uncovering the beauty of historic construction materials.

The bricks that we recover are a type of nineteenth-century construction material, often manufactured and handmade in family-owned brickyards. The labour of human hands is literally imprinted on the surface of these bricks.

This unique construction material is being preserved out of respect for our predecessors’ efforts and to satisfy those who appreciate historic architecture.

We get our raw materials from historic 19th-century buildings that are being demolished or bulldozed.

Following careful selection, the bricks are subjected to crafting by hand after which they look just as beautiful as they did in their glory days.

Because of their historic value as well as how unique and distinct their design is, the ornamental bricks created using this method are widely employed in modern architecture.

These materials have been well regarded on the international market for many years. Their recent rise in popularity has been observed in Poland as well. Brick tiles can be utilised to re-create historic interiors or to complement contemporary architectural solutions.

For us, client satisfaction is a critical objective. This is why we are offering both our core service and unique, one-of-a-kind projects tailored to the preferences of our customers.

We also provide technical assistance in addition to our sales offerings.